I am Victoria Lee, a clinical psychologist who has been deeply touched by the wisdom of Rumi. My academic training–my doctorate and two masters degrees–taught me a great deal, but also left me spiritually hungry. I learned at my mother’s knee that the spiritual part of life is by far the most important. It’s in that arena that I’ve found the most joy, the most meaning, and the mandate to find ways to serve.

Being a psychologist and psychotherapist has given me the opportunity to share the journey of many treasured patients. I’ve worked primarily in individual and couple counseling, sex therapy, and group therapy, as well as in individual counseling with children and teens. My first book, Ecstatic Lovemaking (originally called Soulful Sex), was an effort to show that understanding sex as a sacred enterprise takes nothing away and can greatly enhance the quality of experience and passion people enjoy. After that book, I focused on my practice again, and on meeting certain personal challenges, such as the death of my mother, and my own illness with Graves’ Disease (now cured, I’m blessed to say).

Once I started reading Rumi and writing about him everyday, I was “burnt and then I as cooked,” as he once said. His words, his tenderness, and his teachings pierced my soul to its depths. I felt his truths in my core: We are here on this planet for our own and others’ soul-growth. Forgiveness, compassion, and love for all of the human famlly must be our goal; identifying and committing to the contribution we’re here to make is our greatest privilege.

“Love is the religion, and the universe is the book.”

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  1. Em Porter says:

    HI Victoria,
    I am wondering if you have had the pleasure of reading Marnia Robinson’s book:
    Peace Between the Sheets? Lovely!
    I am a fan of Hafiz (Rumi as well) and I enjoyed your site. Peace, Em Porter

  2. Ahmad says:

    Dear Victoria
    I write about same stuff. I am so impressed about your blog. I wish there was an RSS feed for your blog.
    Rumi ocean or better said Rumi’s Universe is so infinite that people can write and write and no one will infringe on other’s copyright. I have started quiet a few books. All of them unfinished. Someday maybe I will. I think I grasp the essence as much as my brain permits me. I am writing about breaking barriers. Bringing down the walls. Steel fences we build around our brains or been imposed upon us during thousands of years of history. I am writing in blogs where I hope it stays safe copyrightwise and someday will be in books. My English is not as good as yours and I write freely without much editing. Editing may be needed. I was born in Afghanistan, Rumi’s country and my wife is from Rumi’s birth town Balkh. I studied psychiatry and Neurology which I can’t practice here. Long story. I am doing Cat Scan here. Managing it in a trauma center. I would be honored if we get in touch and exchange ideas. I think someday we human beings have to take a completely different direction. That is if we make it that far.
    Anyways, good luck and thank you for everything you do. Rumi says you been sent for one job in this world, like a king sending you to a city for a specific job. No matter what you accomplish and what you bring to him back, if you haven’t accomplished that one task, you haven’t accomplished anything. I can testify that you have found that one purpose and are working very hard to accomplish it. You are working on the easy part. The hardest part is recognizing that one task, which you have already done.

  3. victorialee says:

    Thank you very, very much Ahmad. Your very kind words give me strength to feel I’m touching some of those who read this blog. I’m glad you are writing about breaking down the barriers–I hope you will publish your thoughts. I would love to hear from your wife about Balkh. I thought it had been destroyed by the Mongols after Rumi’s father took his family away.

    I do believe that I am living part of my purpose, but not all of it as yet. And there’s nothing more important to me that learning to do that fully. Blessings to you and your family!

  4. Ahmad says:

    Thank you Victoria. And congratulations on your marriage. I know I am late but I didn’t know you then, I hope you don’t mind. About Balkh, that’s a strange place. Has a lot of God’s secrets. Ever heard Donald Rumsfield say that “It’s amazing the first battle of 21st century was won on horseback by cavalier warriors?” That was there. Wonder after wonder for 7000 years or more and yes it still exists. I think I am going to write a page on that and Bagram. There we go, now I am even more scattered. That’s my problem, I don’t finish one project because all the time i start new ones. I’ll tell you when it’s done. You can read my attempt to translate and explain the first poem of the Mathnawi by Rumi, “Listen to the story of the reed flute” because I didn’t like any translation I saw. And please excuse my grammar and spelling. http://rumi.thecarriagehorse.com . I have a link to your page in thecarriagehorse.com start page, I got the gadget from google. If you ever have questions that you want to ask me, email me directly from Rumi.thecarriagehorse.com
    Take care.

  5. victorialee says:

    Thanks again, Ahmad. Remember Hafiz says,

    In the Beloved’s loving eyes
    Every act, word and deed of yours
    is always, always

  6. Chiradeep says:

    If somebody needs counseling how he/she gonna contact you?

  7. Abdur Rahman says:

    Peace Victoria,

    It’s lovely to find your website! God bless you always. I too love Mevlana Rumi (God sanctify his noble soul) and his poetry. I too also love the poetry of Hafiz, Hakim Sanai, Jami and others. Allah!

    God willing, I will visit your website again.

    Abdur Rahman

  8. Maya-Rose Chauhan says:

    Dear Victoria!

    Good on you for writing about Rumi! His words are not so well known in the western world.

    Have you read other mystical works?
    In the Baha’i Faith there is a text written by Baha’u’llah called the Seven Valleys which maps the journey of the soul as it moves towards God.
    These are the steps: Search, Love, Knowlegde, Unity, Contentment, Wonder, True Pverty and Absolute Nothingness.

    I also believe there is a lack of spirituality in psychology. I have an interest in schizophrenia and spiritual crisis, do you know anything about that?


  9. Christine says:


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