One minute in Rumi-conciousness

Once Rumi’s message touched me, I became passionate about communicating it; spend one minute allowing this great soul’s message to touch you, and you will be forever changed. The great love that arises out of silence will penetrate your heart. Rumi’s intent is to transform us, to help us discover our divine nature, regardless of our state of belief or unbelief.

  • Rumi entices us with poetry of astounding beauty, but he himself puts little value on his own or any other words. The poems are meant to open the door to nothing less than transmission of a message that can forever change and heal us. It is a divine message that teaches us priceless and seemingly mysterious lessons, such as:
  • Our endless longings are their own answer. Our prayers are answered in the moment we utter them. The cure for our pain is in the pain.
  • As is stated in every faith tradition, the Beloved is always with us: Lo, I am with you always….Remember and be back with the Friend.
  • Because we are embodiments of the divine, great love lies deep in our hearts. It is stronger than our anger, more powerful than our failure to forgive. I am so small. How can I feel such great love? Your eyes are small, yet they see enormous things.
  • Thanks to Andrew Harvey for some of the ideas in this post, and to Coleman Barks for the lines of Rumi’s poetry. See Andrew’s The Way of Passion: A Celebration of Rumi, and Coleman’s many wonderful translations of Rumi such as The Soul of Rumi, The Essential Rumi, and many, many more.

One Response to One minute in Rumi-conciousness

  1. Brian says:

    I agree that Rumi’s poetry is universal and has a relevance that shines bright.

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